text Yoga & Healing Healing and Diet course
25th of April
Learn how to use body, avoid over stress, conserve energy, learn by doing.


From Our Students:

"After attending a Oki-do Yoga retreat I was able to relax my stomach muscles & float on top of the water (Ocean) for the first time. Age early 20's."

"I had a great natural birth, after having fortnightly treatments with Yuko & using Oki-do breathing techniques."

"Oki-do is the thing that keeps me going through the week, keeps me emotionally balanced and in touch with my body and consciousness to my breath, long after the class. I feel that i can have a dialogue with myself from the self exploration and i love how many points of simultaneous engagement help to deepen the experience of a pose and the general capacity to focus and create a meditation out of every movement, more than any yoga has done before."

"In a world where yoga often is run in a huge impersonal class which feels more like a gym class than self care, Oki Do teaches you to listen to your body, and gives you simple self care exercises to do at home or in the car or at work to help you with your particular issues."

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Okido yoga promotes personal growth