Healing Course

Healthy Computer Use

computer user

3 week online course starting Thursday morning 10-10:30am Starting 27 August

  • W1 Correction body: Hips, back, shoulder, neck, & arm to hand with Oki-Do corrective exercise & Sotai movement
  • W2 Care of Eyes: Shiatsu & massage, eye exercise, heat pack on eyes & more
  • W3 Learn the best way to use a computer for maintenance and improvement of health.

For access to classes: contact Oki-Do Centre and we will send link 5 minutes before class.

*The course will be offered again, in an evening time slot.

Cooking Classes

Pickled Gingerginger 1

11-12pm $35

Bring: YOUNG ginger and sterilized container, comfortable clothes, hand towel and notebook.
Cooking class; Apron, notebook & slippers.

Bookings necessary by Saturday 7 March, 2020