Other Activities

2 Labour Day Workshops

Healingself maintenance

Self Maintenance, Physical problems (Example: Back problem or Neck)

12:30-3pm $55

If you have a back problem or have had an accident (is your body
feeling unbalanced or not fully recovered?) this workshop will
cover yoga movements/techniques to take care of yourself. If
one area of your body is out of balance & not corrected, it may
start affecting other areas of your body.
*please advise at the time of booking which area of your body is stiff/sore. Gassho.

Pickled Gingerginger 1

11-12pm $35

Bring: YOUNG ginger and sterilized container, comfortable clothes, hand towel and notebook.
Cooking class; Apron, notebook & slippers.

Bookings necessary by Saturday 7 March, 2020