The Essence of Oki-do

Oki-do Yoga & Healing is a synthesisOki-do Yoga & Healing is a synthesis of Indian Yoga, Japanese Zen, Chinese Taoism and Oriental Medicine. The creator of Oki-do Yoga Institute in Mishima Japan in 1967. Today there are Oki-do Centres in the United States, Brazil & Argentina, Holland, Italy, Taiwan, and Australia. Many diverse cultures have been able to accept and absorb the congregates of Oki-do Yoga.

Yoga aims to make the realities of daily life the basis for training. There are six major Yoga training methods: Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Tantra. All have the same basic goal: the unity of physical and spiritual life. Oki-do Yoga combines Hatha and Raja Yoga. When thoroughly understood Oki-do Yoga assists in producing the spiritual and physical abilities to live serenely in keeping with the appropriate rules of living for each individual.

Oki-do Yoga differs from traditional Indian Yoga in two respects. Dr. Oki (Masahito Oki - sensei) modified the traditional methods in an attempt to make them more effective and compatible with the needs of this complex age. Oki-do has also incorporated certain Zen Buddhist concepts in its body of instruction.
The learning methods - POSTURE, MOVEMENT, DIET, AND BREATH ARE PREPARATORY TO MEDITATION. Meditation is the way to conscious development of spiritual and physical unification. In Oki-do Yoga meditation is composed of Zen practice and prayer. By inspiring deep serenity and peace yoga enables the mind to function at its highest level.

Masahiro Oki (1919-1985)
Established Oki-do Yoga from his knowledge and practice of eastern and western healing traditions and many different religions. "The society for searching truth through practice". The essential characteristics of Oki-do yoga is that it unifies many fields of human experience, and the teachings are understandable and practical in the modern life. It is a way of searching for truth through daily life.
Dr. Masahiro Oki founded the International Oki-do Yoga Institute in Mishima, Japan in 1967.
Healing & Diet
Oriental Medicine: Shiatsu[hand on therapy], Sotai- Ho[gentle corrective movement], Doin[ taichi, chikun]and Macrobiotic Healing. Diet is basic macrobiotic method * Oki-do Way * oriental & west medicine.
Oki-do in Victoria
The centre in Melbourne was directed by Takao Nakazawa (1984-1998) and since then has been directed by Izumi (Yuko) Inadera who both trained in Japan.