The Essence of Oki-do

Oki-do yoga is to be natural in body, mind-heart and lifestyle as the basis of health, happiness and peace. The natural state of our human mind (Buddha nature) is gratitude, repentance, humility and service, all equalling love, all unconditional. When we focus on a holistic study of yoga we can connect with self and nature & develop these.


Masahiro Oki (1919-1985)
Established Oki-do Yoga from his knowledge and practice of eastern and western healing traditions and many different religions. "The society for searching truth through practice". The essential characteristics of Oki-do yoga is that it unifies many fields of human experience, and the teachings are understandable and practical in the modern life. It is a way of searching for truth through daily life.
Dr. Masahiro Oki founded the International Oki-do Yoga Institute in Mishima, Japan in 1967.



Oki-do in Melbourne


The centre in Melbourne was directed by Takao Nakazawa (1984-1998) and since then has been directed by Izumi (Yuko) Inadera who both trained in Japan.