Oki-do Movement & Asana

Holistic Study:An open mind-heart is the foundation and the first step of all yoga study. Asana, Oki-do movement, breathing, diet, philosophy, environment, healing and meditation. These activities help you to study and practice yoga in daily life and to achieve happiness and richness in your own and others lives.

When probperly trained, the functioning of the mind-heart and body is strengthend. A strong body & mind-heart is vital for life.

To clean our mind-heart, body & lifestyle. A cleansed mind-heart is the mind-heart of giving ourselves to others.

This is the foundation of Asana (yoga posture) practise and involves unification of our mind-heart, body & breath in movement.
Do = Movement, Zen = Meditation.

Corrective exercises
The nature of Love is to cooperate with the correct way of living.

Oriental Movement

Okido yoga promotes personal growth